Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hot Bollywood Actress Minissha Lamba In Bikini

Hot Bollywood Actress Minissha Lamba In Bikini On The October Edition Cover Of Maxim -- “If you can not take the heat, then, Do Not tickle the dragon”. Well, that’s how this Goddess of Beaut can be rightly described , who has only added glitters to the already glittering cover of the recent issue of Maxim. She is none other than Minissha Lamba, who has, today, deservingly become not just the talk of the town, but also toast of the town!

Had she not become an actress, journalism was the way to go for this chic, who, only recently “Kidnapped” every cinegoer’s dream with her startling screen presence in the recent movie Kidnap. Even though the movie saw a roller coaster collections at the Box Office windows, but everyone who saw the movie was high on with Minissha’s dose.

Well, for those who are envious about the secret behind this svelte hour glass figure, eat your hearts out, as on her own admission, Minissha says that it is actually “Imran helped me in my weight loss regime”! And what does this beauty think of as her “best feature”? Well, the answer to that are her hands!

Here comes the real shocker! If one has to ask this lasso out on a date, then, the best way is neither through an Armani, Gucci nor even Louis Vuitton! Instead, Minissha says that, “The surefire way to score a date with me is not to show too much interest. I like it when someone keeps me guessing”! Well, so you see, you will have to act “dis interested” to get this “Miss interested”!

This one will surely serve as “Dummies guide to woo Minissha Lamba. She admits that she is not someone who is easy to approach. One will only manage to score those brownie points on intelligence.