Monday, May 16, 2011

Disney Cruise Lines Offers Fun for the Whole Family

Have you heard of the Disney Cruise Line? Here are just some of the thing they offer: live Disney shows, “meet-and-greets” with the Disney characters, children’s clubs and adults-only spots as well. None of those sound good? Okay, fine. How about first-run movies at the theater onboard?

Are your kids looking to get away from their geeky parents? Not a problem. From a Little Mermaid themed daycare to Vibe, a place where 14 to 17 year olds can chill out and listen to music, watch TV or play the latest and greatest video games, kids should be able to find whatever it is they’re looking for, regardless of their age.

I read about the Disney Cruise Line on the Telegraph, and I must say, it sounded quite impressive. I mean, the only thing missing I could think of was Zach and Cody, though as much as Disney offers? I wouldn’t be so quick to rule them out, either.

Each Disney Cruise has roughly 950 employees who represent over 60 nations and you can rest assured that you’ll be well taken care of because there’s a Disney associate for every three passengers. There are several cruise lines from which to choose. The Disney Dream might be a good choice for those of us in the U.S. as it sets sail from Florida. It also offers the AquaDuck waterslide which is billed as the first “water coaster” ever on a cruise ship. It sounds like a blast as it offers those brave enough to partake all kinds of twists and turns as it eventually extends beyond the actual ship itself (whoa) and culminates in a four-deck drop. (I’d recommend that one before lunch, for what it’s worth.)

So would my family and I enjoy such a cruise? Tough to say. I’m certain my 9-year-old would be all about it. She watches a fair amount of the Disney Channel and given all that the cruise lines offer, I bet she’d find real value in it. My wife and I?

While I’d never say never, we’re not really cruise people. We like a little more control over our vacation. Though Disney would offer us the gamut of family-friendly choices, I have a feeling we’d get cabin fever.

Having said that, I’m fully aware that there are many folks who love cruises. If you’re one of them, and you’ve got a big family vacation planned this summer, you should really consider looking into the Disney Cruise Lines. Who knows? You just might wind up having the time of your life. (Assuming you don’t get kidnapped by Captain Hook.)

To learn more, go do Warning, not exactly super-economical. But, again, if you’re looking to blow the bank on a big family vacation, this just might be worth looking into.