Monday, May 16, 2011

Josh Turner Surprises Scotty McCreery During Hometown Concert

An emotional day became unforgettable for Scotty McCreery on Saturday,

May 14. The 17 year old  kept his cool while fans screamed, cried and

even proposed marriage during a media tour and promotional stops at

local Garner, N.C. businesses. Taste of Country was there as the love

shown by friends and family began to peel away the layers of his

usually steady demeanor. The afternoon reached a fever pitch when

McCreery’s hero Josh Turner walked out singing his hit song ‘Your Man.’

McCreery had just begun his “theme song” when Turner strutted out and

picked up the next verse. “Oh my goodness!” McCreery shouted while

waving off his band. It was the only time all afternoon he struggled to

find the perfect thing to say.

“All these people are here for you,” Turner told McCreery. “I had heard

you never sang this song with a band before and were a little bit

nervous, so I decided I would bring a few of my guys in.” The duo

picked up the song from the start, and traded verses and praise before

going into Turner’s first radio hit, ‘Long Black Train.’

The high school junior showed incredible stage presence for someone

who’s experience is limited at best. He was charismatic and funny,

worked both sides of the audience, and even remembered to wave to the

special fans in the first few rows. He hammed it up a little with Josh

Turner, but never came off cornier than one would want. Amongst the

songs he recreated for his fans was ‘Gone,’ ‘Letters From Home,’ and

‘The River,’ all tracks that were essential to his success thus far in

the competition.

Hours earlier, during the parade leading up to the concert at Lake

Benson park, fans watched as their native son buried his head in his

hands and came up with rosy cheeks and watery eyes. Organizers expected

30,000 people despite the threat of storms. Fortunately, the only thing

that got wet before McCreery finished was his sleeves, as he dabbed his

teary eyes. Expect that scene to make the cut during this Wednesday’s

episode of ‘American Idol.”